Setup CPS Plus to send RS232 data to Microsoft Access

Activate CPS Plus Terminal window and select Log Mode > Setup DDE (if DDE lglobal log mode is selected) or click on COM Port SettingsData Logging Options Button, Setup DDE if DDE mode is enabled for specific COM Ports only.
Select “Use DDE Client mode
Client Application:
Type MSACCESS as the client name to initiate a DDE conversation with Microsoft Access
serialdatabase - name of database file without MDB extension. GetCPSDataNew function defined in Access module. Parameter $COMPORT is set by CPS Plus to indicate which COM port sends data.
Serialdatabase; SQL Select GetCPSDataNew($COMPORT) from SerialLog;
DDE Command:
Name of Access Macro, which will be executed when new data is received via RS232C port.
Image: CPS Plus DDE setup. DDE Client Mode.
Image: CPS Plus DDE setup. DDE Client Mode.
Click on OK button to activate DDE setup.
After activating DDE mode, CPS Plus will send data received from RS232 COM ports to MS Access table named SerialLog.
Note: In order to exchange data from CPS Plus and MS Access using DDE, both applications must be running!