Send COM port data as ActiveX events

CPS Plus include ATL/Activex interface which may be used to transfer data, from devices attached to computer USB/COM port, to any application which support ActiveX.

There are two sample documents for Excel and Access that demonstrate data transfer from serial devices and writing data to com ports.

After CPS Plus is installed those files can be found on C:\CPS_LOG folder.

MS Access sample: SampleATL.mdb

MS Excel sample: CPSProject.Interface.xlt

You may use those files as template for your project or may start from blank document by adding reference to CPSPlus.CComInterface

Data is received in event function CpsConn_DataReceived which includes two parameters:
ComPort - actual COM port number from device sending data and
FilteredData - data received from COM Port. If any data filter is activated in CPS Plus, data will be filtered before being passed to CpsConn_DataReceived function.

Full interface specification for CPS Plus can be found in document: CPSActiveXInterface.pdf

Note: by design CPS Plus ActiveX interface is always enabled when CPS Plus is running. For more details about writing data and reading data from COM ports you may consult CPS Plus interface specification.