Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide To Using CPS Plus Professional (keyboard mode example)


 Connect to COM port
Select COM Port to which the serial device is connected. Virtually an unlimited number of attached COM ports can be selected and data can be read/written simultaneously.
 setup RS232 port connection
Click on “Settings...” to change the communications port settings. Select the same communications parameters that the serial device uses, otherwise data will not download correctly.
If you do not know the parameters used by the serial device, consult the device user manual or contact the manufacturer.
 Read data from serial device
Read test data from the serial device to make sure that data downloads correctly. Data downloaded from the serial device should appear in the "Serial port activity monitor" text box.
Image: detail CPS Plus terminal
 Serial data acquisition data transfer
Once data is downloading correctly, minimize CPS Plus by selecting "Minimize in try" from the CPS Plus "Window" Menu. Switch to the Windows application to which data is being downloaded.
Data read from the serial device will appear in the application as if it were being typed using the keyboard.