CPS Plus serial data acquisition software enables serial devices like bar code scanners, stripe readers, scales, sensors, laboratory instruments, microcontrolers to communicate with any Windows application. 

  • Operates with multiple serial ports simultaneously! 
  • Fully configurable data filters, to get data you want from the input strings. 
  • Log options: dynamic file mode, keystroke mode, DDE mode (Excel, Access ...) 
  • Create charts and graphs in your applications that automatically update with data from your serial devices / instruments. 
  • Input real time data into Excel, Access, statistical software ... any Windows application. 
  • Automatic Date and Time stamping. 
  • Send any ASCII character(s) to serial devices / instruments (communicate with, configure, and transfer data with your serial device without writing any code). 
  • Very easy to use. 
  • No hardware additions required! No programming required.

 Comparassion chart